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4 : 0
  • Game Played on 9th May, 2010
  • Kick Off at 15:00 (GMT)
  • Game ended with scoreline 4:0
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  • Arsenal
    • Fulham
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Arsenal vs Fulham
      Team Performance
      For me, Pato is the type of player we need in the squad, so not to let RVP move away from aresnal, wenger should make a good offer for him and bring him down to the emirate stadium.
      [Arsenal, Netherlands]
      great play from Arsenal,they been playing good for seasons now but failing to win any trophy
      WALCOTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! french peoples support diz fckn player god hes a beast !!!
      [FC Bruges]
      and don't forget Vermaelen :)
      Football Fan
      I have said before. Never underestimate Arsenal and Liverpool. Arsenal were doing very well till recently when a lot of their key players got injured in the Premier League. If Wenger is willing to spend more on good players, Arsenal will become a very good team again. Same goes for Liverpool. The 2 idiots Tom Hicks and George Hillett must leave Liverpool. And get a new owner who will invest properly in good players. Then Liverpool will be good again.
      Fuck man Unoted
      [blues ov cos]
      Arsenal can be like barcelonawhen if they have all their players available and fit. remember at the start ov season? they wer on fire until Persie got injured. i am not sayin they r one man team. it's just that every team need spark,key player. N for Arsenal that seem 2 be Fabregas N persie whu have both been throught injury and that play a big part in their title losing bit. Man Unoted R good without Rooney. But as i say If a key player got injured u wouldn't be good as u were before. but Chelsea can be without Drogba N we prove that in January, Thought i don't know if Lampard got injured.It will be Chelsea worst fear.but still playmaker Deco can be good also if he is to fill lampard void.
      @ dotaangel Arsenal has been at the top of their ability all season. Persie had a broken ankle for basically half the season. Even when Fabragas was out they were easily running up the top 3. They can handle injuries with no problem until 5 or so of their starting squad is out (Arshavin, Gallas, Fabragas, and so on). So that isn't true.
      maxamed chelsea
      [good luck for chelsea funss]
      oh arsenal is nice pupet
      how can ManU be a one man team when they play 11 players in every game. The one man team is just a quote. Seems to me tat ManU can win games without Rooney but Arsenal loses hell alot without Persie.
      • -2
      [man city]
      u fukin idiot, man u just rely on rooney for the goals i bet ur not even from manchester
      [ARSENAL FC ]
      @dotaangel please fuck OFF we're not a 1 man team like man u
      [Arsenal y Barcelona]
      ya'll are crazy f.ucks!! There's no way Chelsea can ever win Champions League until Gunners start the trend...ya'll r living in an illusion
      [arsenal ]
      chelsea fuck your mammas balls you son of a bitchs p.s. drop dead u squakingk bastards if u support chelsea fuck ur mum
      [ARSENAL ]
      Arsenal is a living joke lol!
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