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EMILE HESKEY: Legend, Myth, Fail, etc.
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[Manchester City, Japan]
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I don't care what people say he's a living legend! So in honor of him let's post the best jokes. Here's one:

It'll be nice for Emile when he weds Chantelle Tagoe. It'll make a change to hear "Mrs Heskey" instead of "Heskey misses".

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[Liverpool, United States]
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Heskey is England's cult hero!

Emile Heskey (England) 59 caps, 7 goals.

Rene Higuita (Colombia) 68 caps, 8 goals.

Jose Luis Chilavert (Paraguay) 74 caps, 8 goals.

Unlucky Emile, the other two are goalkeepers...

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[Brescia, Italy]
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Fail? Heskey has played well over 650 upper tier league matches and scored over 150 goals. how many players can say that?

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A Nigerian player arrived at Aston Villa. During training the manager kept saying: "Foot, ball, goal – foot, ball, goal," while pointing at his foot, the ball then the goal.

The Nigerian said: "Don't speak so slowly, I speak perfect English." Then the manager told him, "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Emile."

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[Arsenal, England]
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Heskey was a monster striker back in the day. Old age has gotten to him. Still a legend in my eyes.

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