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Introduce Yourself
Hi Everyone!
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    [FC Porto, Portugal]
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    Hello, my name is Daniel and I'm a school student from California. My favorite football teams are Manchester United and Portugal, but I also enjoy watching Portuguese teams like Porto and Benfica. Portuguese football is very popular here in California, so it's perhaps not incredibly surprising that I like them.

    I'm new to this site, but it looks very promising. It seems like there are lots of fun and nice people on the site except some haters, but after all, it helps to create discussions. There have already been a couple of negative comments on my name "Soccer". We say soccer here in the USA, and I think there are several other places they say it too. I've got respect for others using football as most of you likely are Europeans, but try not to worry about what I say. Languages are different.

    Football is the best I know when it comes to talk and to express our own opinions and I've already commented on two videos. It seems that many people like what I write and I'll be sure to post often, especially on my favorite team's highlights, and have an updated account. Because English, or American, is my native language and I speak it fluently, it fits me perfectly!

    And last: I noticed that there is no category of Portuguese football, and that worries me a bit. Portuguese football is among the most popular football to watch together with English, Italian, German, Spanish and French and from my impression the league is better than the Dutch. I'm probably going to make a new post on the forum later about this. You're welcome to read more about me on my profile. :) Thanks.

    5 years ago (Jan 5 '12 at 21:20)
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    [Manchester United, Egypt]
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    hahaha, you're making me repeat myself again! :P

    Welcome to FootyRoom!

    3 things to consider:

    1- Enjoy watching highlights
    2- It's a very addictive website (Uploads after matches are super fast)
    3- Ignore d.u.m.b.a.s.s.e.s and trolls around here, don't bother arguing with them

    5 years ago (Jan 6 '12 at 00:58)
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    [Manchester United, Costa Rica]
    Posts: 79 | Comments: 2092

    coolest username ever! haha

    5 years ago (Jan 6 '12 at 02:40)
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    [Chelsea, England]
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    Also don't be a United supporter here, everyone will hate you! LOL

    5 years ago (Jan 6 '12 at 09:15)
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    [Chelsea, Austria]
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    @Martin Atkinson, thats a stupid comment, you should respect every team and their fans, everyone is free to support the team which he likes the most

    5 years ago (Jan 6 '12 at 15:54)
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    [Chelsea, England U19]
    Posts: 140 | Comments: 973

    nice username lol

    5 years ago (Jan 6 '12 at 17:07)
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    [Real Madrid, Iraq]
    Posts: 22 | Comments: 329

    portuguese football in california??? portugal is a small country and usa is f*cking huge i dont understand how you silly americans like portuguese football -_- 


    5 years ago (Jan 8 '12 at 02:17)
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    [FC Porto, Portugal]
    Posts: 23 | Comments: 37

    Yes, Portuguese football in California. As you said, Portugal is a small country, but why should that stop us from watching it? Portuguese football is popular where I live because it's incredibly entertaining and funny football. We prefer not to watch football where the ball goes from leg to leg throughout the match. And another thing: Why the hell do you care about what kind of football we like here?

    5 years ago (Jan 11 '12 at 11:30)
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