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One of the strangest red cards ever in FIFA 17
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[Manchester United, Russia]
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Wait for it....

Totally bonkers FIFA 17 moment

Wait for it...wait for it.......WHAT THE ACTUAL F@3#!

Posted by on Sunday, October 9, 2016
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[Real Madrid, Somalia]
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Haha. Something like this happened to me last night. I was playing my brother and tackled him and the ref gave the advantage. When the ball was dead, the ref approached and did what happened in this video lol

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[Manchester United, India]
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Moments like these make you want to destroy the TV

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[Manchester United, Netherlands]
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Hahahha I had that too, the advantage took 5 game min and then a red, I was like... WTF just happened. Then my friend kept poitning at red stuffs and messed with me whole night

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Check this one guys..

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I got it for even more ridiculous shoulder to shoulder tackle, I even got a video of it on my phone. But OK, that Smalling one is even more absurd XD

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[Chelsea FC]
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Maybe he said something to the ref lmao

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gameplay this year sucks lmao but i really like what they added, sbc's, fut champs etc but gameplay is soo bad. I've had players not scoring open goals cos of delayed reactions lol

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Lol, this is hillarious, but seriously, EA need to fix their game considering how much money they invest (waste) on publicity and license. Not having enough competition is not a good reason to neglect your games. :(

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