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One of the strangest red cards ever in FIFA 17
Gennady 1 year ago
Manchester United, Russia 249 2959

Wait for it....

Totally bonkers FIFA 17 moment

Wait for it...wait for it.......WHAT THE ACTUAL F@3#!

Posted by on Sunday, October 9, 2016
Madridista11 1 year ago
Real Madrid, Somalia 38 743

Haha. Something like this happened to me last night. I was playing my brother and tackled him and the ref gave the advantage. When the ball was dead, the ref approached and did what happened in this video lol

saatvik10 1 year ago
Manchester United, India 27 540

Moments like these make you want to destroy the TV

tuan_jinn 1 year ago
Manchester United, Netherlands 153 5286

Hahahha I had that too, the advantage took 5 game min and then a red, I was like... WTF just happened. Then my friend kept poitning at red stuffs and messed with me whole night

quikzyyy 1 year ago
Arsenal 385 6771

Check this one guys..

decentK 1 year ago
Arsenal 38 2896

I got it for even more ridiculous shoulder to shoulder tackle, I even got a video of it on my phone. But OK, that Smalling one is even more absurd XD

Eden17Hazard17 1 year ago
Chelsea FC 145 3770

Maybe he said something to the ref lmao

bluezz 1 year ago
Chelsea 13 695

gameplay this year sucks lmao but i really like what they added, sbc's, fut champs etc but gameplay is soo bad. I've had players not scoring open goals cos of delayed reactions lol

Emobot7 1 year ago
261 7030

Lol, this is hillarious, but seriously, EA need to fix their game considering how much money they invest (waste) on publicity and license. Not having enough competition is not a good reason to neglect your games. :(