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Robben retire from international football
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I didn't expect this when I heard of the results of the game between Sweden and Netherland but it make a lots of sense. The man is not so young anymore and WC 2018 was likely to be his last. Sadly, since he isn't going to participate after all, no reason to wait to announce his retirement from international football. :(

Anyway, Robben was a great player for his country and its a real shame his international career had to end like this, however, there is not denying it was a incredible adventure he had as player, especially during WC 2010 and 2014 were he was on par with some of the greatest ever of the game. Yeah, he wasn't alway the most fair of player or the most subtle one, but he really was one of the greatest atlhete at his position in those tournaments and will mark the history of international football imho.

I wish all the best for the rest of his club career and can't express how sad I am of not having the chance to see more of him for his national team in the future. I would like to finish with something he said to the press after announcing his retirement and that I do consider very true and fitting for such a great player:

"The man of glass kept going on longest."

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Posts: 226 | Comments: 6379

Also, here a tribute of his best goal for Netherland:

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Also, here a tribute of his best for Netherland:

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[Manchester United, Netherlands]
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:( yeah, it's sad to see. After all of his contribution.

The stadium was quite emotional, they kept singing: Bedank bedank Arjen (thanks thanks)

He will be sorely missed, especially with the current Dutch squad.

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[Manchester United, England]
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Nothing comes to mind except his miss against spain the 2010 world cup final !! God i wished if holland did end winning that world cup,

anyways i wish robben all the best for the rest of his club career

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[Bayern Munich, Croatia]
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Obviously World Cup was last wish for Arjen but Netherlands disappointed him. They need to fix their shit, same for Croatia but their problems are even bigger imo (excluding our corrupt FA).

Robben had very good international career, sad he didn't win 2010 World Cup he deserved.

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[Inter, Germany]
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I was in Amsterdam in 2010 watching the final in museumplein. It was a rough game.Thankfully i had some jazz cigarettes to cheer me up. I wanted snjeider to win! Pre 2013 Robben had some terrible luck in finals

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