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Liverpool vs Udinese
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Top Comments
Shinsatsu 5 years ago
Liverpool have the lead .... aaaaand it's gone.
Mikool 5 years ago
Juventus, Italy 2 51
amazing match . it was so exciting, i Couldn't believe what i see !!! .. good work Udinese :D :D
fred 5 years ago
u got an ugly kid
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lols 5 years ago
i dont know how to fix liverpool.. maybe they need structural revision..
ElNiNO 5 years ago
Bring back ElNiNO, he would do good with Suarez in red jersey.
ElNiNO 5 years ago
Hes not doing gr8 with Chelsea either
Liverpoor 5 years ago
Cant wait to see liverpoor go second division this season!
KONEK PANJANG 5 years ago
hahahaha....liverfool just a rubbish club... never walk alone....wat da fuxkkk...
Rusko 5 years ago
Liverpool sucks dick. That is a fact.
capilano 5 years ago
Manchester United, Japan 9 55
hell yeah!
Doe 5 years ago
Liverpool game is the best. BR does change it from last year :D but he still no luck --'
fariz800 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 0 0
what a free kick by suarez ! :D
azuan 5 years ago
manutd now have trash defender..they will be trash team.just wait and see at the end of the season where are they if not in botom 3...kah kah kah
Gregor 5 years ago
Newcastle United, Poland 0 4
Liverpool should hire Benitez again. How long we have to wait to see a real Liverpool?
cool 5 years ago
i like liverpool but the some stupid fans just HATE iT...
NS4 5 years ago
Two of the goal came from yet another mistakes from senior players. Johnson & Gerrard lost the ball and led to the goals. Coates scored an own goal. How many time have we seen these, this season? We need to stop making blunders & silly errors. Upfront, we have been good. We play great football with nice tempo.
Sir Giggsy 5 years ago
At first it was funny, now its just sad. So many talents in this team I kind think they dont deserve whats happening to them. And Im a United fan.
Milanista89 5 years ago
AC Milan, Brazil 3 575
go back to shooting your reality show, yall can't win no games might as well be reality stars
ramaboy10 5 years ago
Burnley Reserves, Mauritius 283 6390
Udinese pure class!!!!
;) 5 years ago
I am glad that i bought udinese +0.75...
drake taylor 5 years ago
bad luck liverpool...we played damn well
Scholes18Legend 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 96
So you either blame it on the refs or luck ?
bibo92004 5 years ago
Manchester United, Germany 0 0
Both! :P
josh 5 years ago
man utd fans saying liverpool blame it on the ref..where as if utd dont get at least 2 pens at OT every game they blame the ref..funny
ironfist2010 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Egypt 69 907
Udinesi's 1st goal was just like a playstation goal !! the 3rd was amazing both of the assist & the shot ! Suarez FK was awesome...overall , it was a great match but liverpool still can't keep the lead even at home !!
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kagawa jan 5 years ago
after this generation, i hope the new generation will not recognize LOSERFOOL FC anymore..HAHAHAA
mr b 5 years ago
we got more european cups than ur pathetic diving man united
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kagawa jan 5 years ago
totaly loser!!!! no more loserfool after this... 1.chelsea 4.ars 5.tot 6.eve 8.LOSER!! (you are here scram!!!)
Loserpool KAH99!! 5 years ago
LOSerpoolll fuckin loserpoll,lose anywhere ,dumb scousers oh idoit , u not win anything anymore wakakaaa
josh 5 years ago
what happens in munich..makes me LAUGH
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