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Manchester United vs Real Madrid
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Top Comments
BoGzzan 5 years ago
when Ibra gets a red for doing a Kung Fu move, they say it's well deserved, and when Nani decides to play Kick Boxing they rage about it. Man.U and Barca fans, with all due respect, go fuck yourselves. You have a great history with referees so shut the fuck up.
football 5 years ago
1º goal of united was offside of van persie.. 2º rafael hand for stop a goal of higuain ( that will be a red card) 3º deserved red card for chuck norris kick ( nani) to arbeloa... and in the first match of madrid-united was 1-1 the first goal of united wasnt a corner where is a robbed???? cry more barcelona fans.. thas was a robber for madrid...
FootyIntellectual 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 77
This is a FKN DISGRACE!!! First Chelsea vs Barcelona and now Manchester United vs Real Madrid!!! Why do the referees always favor Spanish teams when they play English teams???
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Spectator 12 months ago
0 156
I thought footyroom is full of retards now, then I see this.
Jellybean 2 years ago
Oh wow... I remember watching this game. 3 years already!! This was the last season where United was within it's 'glory days' I think. Since SAF left lots of smaller teams have beat them and they are not a team to fear anymore. At least not for now.
unknon 5 years ago
best game
Domagoj 5 years ago
i must say, at first it looked like too harsh decision to sent off nani, but later it was clearly too dangerous tackle and he deserved red card... and in the end, real was robbed on more occasions than man.and i'm so happy for my croat luka modrić to score such a beautiful goal!! =))
timkamplang 5 years ago
i'm a man utd fans. dis game is good. respect to CR7. good luck madrid
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yusufsusanto 5 years ago
0 126
manuare fans crying in the old toilet with the clown with the red nose...
Rooney10Rvp20 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 2 22
go home gaylordd
clique 5 years ago
real madrid biggest cheaters in history...... if pepe or ramos would kick like that they would get only yellow....refs love them... man utd was better but real will die if bayern, dortmund or juve get them
ztzt 5 years ago
ramos is a player with most red cards in la liga you retard.
Dude 5 years ago
That modric and Ronaldo hug made was awesome 15:39 Modric made me lool
nnom 5 years ago
@football you should pretty much die too maybe before that loose your legs arms eyes and suffer for a few years, I would love to watch it. you fucking disgusting worm.
abel 5 years ago
@BoGzzan Would you do everybody a favour and die slowly and painfully? I'd be glad if your children your parents and your beloved would die painfully too and you would watch it.
20 EPL+TITLE 5 years ago
I guess the Cheque we sent him before this match got lost somewhere and he unfortunetely got Real Madshit Cheque!!!! Unlucky. Next time we will call to confirm the ref got our bribery Cheque. Glory Glory Scumbags-United FC
willdalive 5 years ago
Lovely to see that the most pathetic dumb comments got the most likes here. Disgusting people.
losing3elclasico 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 0 2
losing3elclasico 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 0 2
man utd fans are fucking losers,u will never win UCL again
clique 5 years ago
u won cl over ten years ago :D and most of the cl trophies u won in times where the quality was shit...
cheko 5 years ago
you know what I wish to you with all the respect? I hope you will lose your legs, your arms, your eyes, and than die painfully somewhere alone. you motherfucking retard you unlucky tiny bastard.
Platini10 5 years ago
Looks like Real Madrid have found the worm in their poor form. Casillas.
Juan55 5 years ago
barcashit 5 years ago
obviously man united have many haters cz we're the best . pity you guys .
O.O.O 5 years ago
When u r d best idiots n losers will hate u ,they will b happy wen ref cheated u.i dont care wat u say or write man u always the best
barcashit 5 years ago
all of you are naive . you know that real was lucky to win . eventhough im a madrid fan !
dgdg 5 years ago
man u fan disguised, pathetic
mnu unite+for+life 5 years ago
barca is gone be out next then arsenal oh they are out oredy
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