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Bayern Munich
4 : 0
  • Game Played on 23rd April, 2013
  • Kick Off at 18:04 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 1:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 4:0
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  • Bayern Munich
  • Goals
  • Müller (25')
  • Gomez (49')
  • Robben (73')
  • Müller (82')
  • Cards
  • Gomez (37')
  • Martinez (46')
  • Schweinsteiger (87')
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  • Barcelona
  • Cards
  • Bartra (39')
  • Sanchez (87')
  • Alba (89')
  • Iniesta (90')
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Second yellow resulting in red
  • Goal
  • Goal from penalty
  • Missed penalty
  • Own goal
  • Assist
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Bayern Munich vs Barcelona
Team Performance
Top Comments
  • +282
barcelona went to munich 4-nothing
  • +265
...What can I say? These German monsters... They completely and thoroughly annihilated us. Our defense is a joke. It's over. Bayern Munich are the best team in the world.
  • +22
yea the 4 handballs by Barcelona in their own penalty box were like playing basketball too don't you think?
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Thank you bayern
  • +1
Pique's bald!
  • 0
klontoni klon
woooooo mamu azrul
  • 0
  • +1
Pique better than messi
  • 0
Bayern Munich never win the CL with inter and Chelsea but next year pep guardiola will be manage munich and CL next year Madrid vs bayern 
  • +1
Football Fan
3 handballs by barca in penalty box and no even single one penalty?!?! Did you guys watch the match? Barcelona fan insist there're 2 illegal goals but they didn't mention the handballs. :)))
  • +1
Barca will come back so damn strong next season, i see it coming
  • 0
ya cuz there gonna bey neymar and real is gonna buy bal I hoppee
  • +2
so about the so called 3 irregular goals: 1 one watch the video and not the pics it wasn't a foul, dante jumped off right away way higher than alba just at the end he had his hands on him. 2nd, gomez yes offside but damn damn close, shouldn't blame the refs but please finally get help of technology after the game is so much more faster than back in the days anyways, 3rd one you can call a foul (i thought so right away) but everybody who plays football themselves know that you don't fall that easily, he wasn't really running that fast either.
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[Bayern Munich, Brazil]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 12
Typical real madrid
  • 0
Eddie Mercury
Lucky Bayern.
  • +1
its called beying great freaken barca fan don't say its luck when u guys got raped
  • 0
[Real Madrid, Spain]
Posts: 14 | Comments: 343
Both spanish teams got destroyed.
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[Bayern Munich, Brazil]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 12
Well nooooooo
  • +1
Although i wasnt supporting bayern in this match but listen u got to appriciate those masterpiece tactics from Jupp. that gomez's marking of the heart of barca (busquets) throughout the whole match which lead to the total ball possession for bayern because barca's heart had stopped. and also other genious tactics. but this one was the most special one. no one had thought of this before. just class
  • 0
joe barca
muller you fcuk .
  • 0
alba you ugly sh!t turt
  • +1
It's not his fault that Alba is a diminutive manboy (as are most of the Barca players) and falls over like an empty bottle when you touch him.
  • 0
this a clear fool and Muller should be booked for this, this is not football ...referee is SOB
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[Chelsea, Italy]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 2
Germans 8 Spanish 1
  • -3
gomez....i think linesman is blind.....its offside.
  • +1
congrats for noticing that on tv replay
  • +5
Barcelona had 63% possession, 50% of which was them picking the ball out of their net.
  • +7
[Real Madrid, Portugal]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 222
This is Epic!!!Bayern 4-0 Barça---Date 23-4-13---(23+4+13) = 40[4-0]____BVB 4-1 Madrid---Date 24-4-13---(24+4+13) = 41[4-1]---Mother of occurrance!! :-O :-O
  • +1
and next week it's the 01.05.13---1+5+13= 19, that means 1-9 for bayern^^ let's believe in the staAAAArss
  • +1
how in hell did you notie that?:DD
  • 0
how in hell did you notice that?:DD
  • 0
1-9 u dare dreamin'?
  • +8
[Real Madrid, Spain]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 2
B 4 RCEL 0 NA  ----- M 4 DR 1 D
  • +3
[Juventus, Italy]
Posts: 8 | Comments: 898
I found the match on rape hub
  • -2
[Borussia Dortmund, Germany]
Posts: 0 | Comments: 15
  • 0
did u find it or were u the one who uploaded it?
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