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Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid
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Top Comments
Dobbs 5 years ago
Germans 8 Spanish 1
BlueDevilRoyce 5 years ago
Manchester City, England 0 171
Moral of the story is : you dont need a billion dollar or 100million pound team to create a dominant team in football, as long as you have a good youth system with committed young players and an ethusiastic and fantastic man manager you can create a team such as borrussia dortmund, rela madrid including my team are just overpaid disgusting athletes with no class, they play for money am soo happy for dortmund, pure classy young players who play for pride. I wish mancity had a policy like this. Fantastic performance from such a cheap team.
manutdchaaamp 5 years ago
and kagawa left this GIANTS dortmund to become a flop at united. he wold have more chance to become a european champions with dortmund
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Sergio 2 years ago
I remember predicting the score of this game :)
BlueDevilRoyce 4 years ago
Manchester City, England 0 171
lewadowski did well
MrFooty 5 years ago
Lewandowski scores 3 goals and 1 penalty all of a sudden he is the best striker in the world....hahaha
Hansi_900 5 years ago
Bayern Munich, Germany 0 385
real played dortmund  now 3times and didnt win and their fans are still thinking that their team is better than dortmund. funny :)
You dont have to know 5 years ago
madrid will make a comeback because they have a chance. all the goals came from mistakes from the defenders in this game.
aa 5 years ago
,,football is a game of errors"
dean 5 years ago
stfu u were lucky to be through when you played man u
Uday 5 years ago
hala madrid
Uday 5 years ago
real madrid will comeback in the 2nd leg . as iker casillass will also play in the second leg
Lehmann 5 years ago
Is he going to score four goals?
mohmdagh 5 years ago
So glad seeing Ramos mad and sad, he is so sh!t
Hiprao 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 0 124
I wanna see El Calsico in the final!! It's almost impossible but we have hopes
Robbery 5 years ago
so much more worried about bvb than real  
_Y_U_NO_ 5 years ago
Manchester United, England 0 23
TheMarvelous 5 years ago
Barcelona, Indonesia 0 621
Y U No stop talking too after not belong here in semifinal?
Hiprao 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Iraq 0 124
TheMarvelous.. I totally agree with u! let them talk while they watch Real Madrid and Barca in the semifinals!! Hope Barca and Real go through :)
Jose 5 years ago
Cant wait to see Real Madrid back in next leg
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Eddie Mercury 5 years ago
Lucky Dortmund...
spanish 5 years ago
Real Madrid, Spain 14 343
This was humiliating...
Master 5 years ago Edited
Juventus, Italy 8 898
LOL if Dortmund win the UCL this season, kagawa will regret it for his LIFE moving to united. what a idiot, he moved to a team to win EPL rather than UCL. what a moron which fool thinks EPL is better than winning UCL?
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LOL if Dortmund win the UCL this season he will regret it for his LIFE moving to united. what a idiot, he moved to a team to win EPL rather than UCL. what a moron which fool thinks EPL is better than winning UCL?
Vikas Bhandari 5 years ago
Gotze is already leaving and so is Lewandoski (may be). Irrespective of the fact that they win UCL or not. Ronaldo left United for Madrid, a year after winning a UCL with United.Ever heard of a Dream? A wish? Playing for United is a dream for lot of players but ofcourse, a person, who calls someone else Idiot for no reason, will not understand it.
Gunfire 5 years ago
Arsenal, Canada 0 111
bro united is nt big as barcelona,real madrid or bayern munich so  dnt promote ur club, yes man utd is a big club in england bt if you see history all the big players like zidane,pele,maradona,CR9 they didnt had a dream of playing in united.
UNITED4LYF 5 years ago
yeah lyk he knew dortmund is gonna win the UCL. united were also in the UCL so were dortmund and still are... 
UNITED4LYF 5 years ago
he said lot of players nt every player. try to read it correctly.. united is the biggest club in england and also a big club in europe. it is there wid bayern madrid and barca. so much for ur ARSenal
Rooney The Boss 5 years ago
These spanish teams R well humiliated by these Germans.....!!!!!
Abien 5 years ago
Reus is a beast
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