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Brazil vs Mexico
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Top Comments
El Cid Campeador 5 years ago
MESSI + NEYMAR = They will MesMar-ize you next season!!!
D11 5 years ago
This Mexico Vs. Brazil game is all about Neymar. sweet goal. and SICK assist.I just wish he isn't a diver. that's why no matter how much you hate Messi, you gotta respect him for the fact that if he's on the ground, he's not their by choice.
pc60 5 years ago
Gotta Love the attitude of Footyroom. When Neymar has a bad game, everyone comments saying "so overrated". When Neymar shines, those same people praise him with beautiful comments. Pick a side folks.
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GelleJR 3 years ago
rogerblack 5 years ago
Borussia Dortmund, France 0 557
neymar is turnin to ronaldingio!
Xpose2cold 5 years ago
Chelsea, England & Nigeria 0 729
Neymar - The Brazilian Messi
Michael271097 5 years ago
Manchester United, Argentina 0 51
what an assist and an splendid performance frm neymar feeling exited 2 see neymar nd messi 2gthr...!!!!!!
barcaboy10 5 years ago
Barcelona, Canada 0 59
Netmar 1Haters 0
.hulk neymar 5 years ago
again wondergoal by neymar n jo supersub
lincopper 5 years ago
Chelsea, Ghana 0 181
what assist from Neymar.. good game but Italy vs Japan best game in the tournament
DrZ 5 years ago
And beyonce did it better
ramaboy10 5 years ago
Burnley Reserves, Mauritius 283 6390
Now lets see how he fairs against Italy :)
ronaldo 5 years ago
messi going to jail for not paying taxes, 5 million
Xanders 5 years ago
i think there's no doubt, Brazil gonna win the next World cup again ...if Spain,Germany and Argentina are not in a good form ^^...
Real 5 years ago
wtf then if Germany, argentina and brazil are not in good form spain going to win and equal for all the other teams u dumbass
James 5 years ago
God has gifted Brazil with such talented footballers!and these talented players shape beauty of football!Mark my words folksBarca is like 6 stars out of 5 stars now! O_Owe already know about messi but now joins NEYMAR what game will they bring! I can't imagine
rm27 5 years ago
neymar and messi two dribblers and strikers at barca and hopefully bale and ronaldo to very similar wingers
rm27 5 years ago
at madrid x)
Haters 5 years ago
So they said neymar is overrated...haters everywhere
FreeMessi 5 years ago
What a goal by Neymar!!! He is sooo much better than this gnom Messi, who at first has to learn how to pay taxes!!! Messi = Overrated!!! I mean where was Messi yesterday in the brazilian squad? Always sitting on the bench...
FreeMessi 5 years ago
Wtf did I just read... Are you kidding me? Messi is the best in the universe! AND what you say is complete bullshit... Messi doesn't play for Brazil, but for Spain you dumb asshole.
FreeMessi 5 years ago
Oh dude get a life... -.-
FreeMessi 5 years ago
Why are you talking to yourself??? Are you that crazy? And who calls himself "FreeMessi"?iHala Madrid!
MESSI 5 years ago
LOL you all dumb, Messi doent play Brazil nor Spain, He plays for Argentina and Barcelona....even if you not a football fan, you goota know that
Volkinator 5 years ago
Chelsea, Sweden 5 122
Not sure if retarted or trolling...
FreeMessi 5 years ago
Hans Sarpei >>>>>> Messi
dar7 5 years ago
Ramsey> whole ManU midfield ever..
Neymar's Volley 5 years ago
I always said do not say Neymar is overrated, until he proves himself in europe. But the trolls never listen.... If this guy stays disciplined at Barca he will become a bollon'D'or contender... If not? then he will polish Messi's boots!
InterFanBoy 5 years ago
Inter, Italy 0 68
Thumbs up if you only watch Brazil highlights to watch Neymar.
Madridtista 5 years ago
Real Madrid, England U19 0 63
Goddamn it.!! Brazil will be the champion
ElZorro95 5 years ago
Chelsea, Brazil 0 20
I\'ve called you overrated many times, you\'ve shut me up big time. Do yourself a favor though, don\'t get cocky and hit the weights, Varane and Pepe will give you a tough time
Chelsea For+Life 5 years ago
But Oscar is better then Neymar. Oscar is future of Chelsea! But Chelsea should buy Neymar in a few years.
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