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Belgium vs Italy
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Malagueno 2 years ago
That awkward moment when you realize this is Belgium's best team in the last 20 years or so, while this Italian team was voted the worst Italian team in recorded history
TotalFusball 2 years ago
Manchester City, Belgium 0 16
Tactical Genius VS Kampfschwein

Pretty much confirms what a manager can do...
JBlack 2 years ago
Real Madrid, Belgium 0 446
I'm a Belgian supporter, and believe me: I was kind of expecting this to happen. Our manager has absolutely no clue what he is doing. We need somebody who can make these players play together as a team. Italy was very clever, as usual.
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Morillosoccer 2 years ago
Barcelona, Argentina 0 66
3 defenders for Italy in A Euro Cup 2 clean sheets..
Heart and team work is 80% of a team, just ask Barcelona
Username 2 years ago
Liverpool, United States 0 721
Italy has been very impressive. Surprising!
phlbrzl 2 years ago
Pay attention Brazil: This is what can be achieved by a well drilled team with proper coach at the helm. At the end of the day, Belgium's golden generation could not compete against the Italian's tactical discipline and team work. Well done Italy. And to think this was supposed to be their "worst team in years". LOL
boby 2 years ago
i miss this game, unfortunatelly it was verrry interesting to see, italy one more time on brilliance.
IK 2 years ago
Stop drinking too much pinchee, you Belgium potato eating boys. I know you want the days of schifo to be back right? No, no, NOT!
king leopold's ghost
Shiddiq 2 years ago
I m still not happy italy just won 2-0. if Elsharrawy and Pirlo came i will be happy. But Belgium always shoot from the far if they didn't shoot like that they can just pass each other. sorry i have to say this i m not a hater of Belgium
paolo 2 years ago
Hi, just two points:
1) Unfortunately Pirlo has not been called for this Championship, so we'll not see him
2) The tendence of belgian players to shot from distance was fundamentally forced by italian defence position in relation with the massive tactical mess arranged by their so called "manager" Wilmots. More details here -> (sorry, it's in italian language)
Edmund Khoo 2 years ago
The wily foxes from Italy are masters at playing to their strengths. They soak up the pressure & strike with lethal effect on the counter attack. Possession counts for nothing in this game if a team cannot make their chances count.
The Mancunian 2 years ago
Thibaut Courtois and Petr Cech, definitely goalkeepers of the tournament.
Fred 2 years ago
alif 2 years ago
Bianconero 2 years ago
nahhh, its not always the english premier league. It is the great gigi
_Pelle_ 2 years ago
Paris Saint Germain 29 3529
Buffon is arguably the best goalkeeper ever
RealMadrid4life 2 years ago
Real Madrid 0 192
reza 2 years ago
Well done Italy and specially Buffon and the four in the back except Barzaly that made a few mistakes.
Good mangement caused the winning.
well done the manager.
Davide Croce 2 years ago
Onestly, we were quite lucky, we can't win all the games playing only in defence,,,
Bruce Lee 2 years ago
I knew Belgium was overrated in FIFA 16....
o 2 years ago
as if anyone wants to prove it.
Nathaniel Wu 2 years ago
Thanks to the juventus' defensive line, ups i mean defensive line... ;;)
Well Fellaini sure looks a lot more stupider than he usually does.Good to see him on the side i'm not backing for a change and we even got a win for it.Go azzurri......and Fellaini,ManU says GTFO!
dfgdfg 2 years ago
Wilmots out. I can't even remember the last time they have a clean sheet.
braininahat 2 years ago
Great to see Italy attacking. You can almost always count on the defending and goal-keeping from them, but when they attack, they are one of my favorites in the world.
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