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Inter vs Sampdoria
Team Performance
Davidson31 1 year ago
Real Madrid, Norway 0 212
Inter Milan needs a new owner and investor
demoneye667 1 year ago
FC Inter, Italy 0 153
Very good player Schick. Hope the transfer market voice are real and he can join Inter next season.
Amoun31 1 year ago
AC Milan, Egypt 0 253
Atlanta team will play in the Europa league next season instead of Inter Milan team and they had the same shirts colors hahahahahhah
FanInterMilan 1 year ago
Inter, Moldova 1 1712
whahahah so funny ? i don't get it , even that i'm so freaking happy , and will be happy if we will end this season with no europea league spot , as i and most of inter fans and inter doesn't freaking care about Europea league..................belive me even MU would play with second squad if they know 100% they will qualify for CL next season by finishing in first 4 teams .............they don't need this trophy as they need to qualify for CL , in our case europea league it's waste of time, our squad is getting better and next season it will be even more better with top class palyers coming in , look at chelsea how ....look where they are by having no euroepan competitions
ladotelli46 1 year ago
Arsenal, Honduras 0 8
@FanInterMilan Chelsea aren't where they are because of having no European competition. They are where they are because of money, something you guys don't have. You think Inter wouldn't be getting into the CL if they had the money to get Luiz, Hazard, Costa, Kante like Chelsea does? Europa League IS a waste of time, but qualifying for the CL is important for all clubs because of the money and the prestige, which will get you better players coming in.
Pazzesco 1 year ago
Inter 0 2
@Amoun31 your club is a dumpster fire. enjoy your 'project' over the new few years. @ladotelli46 @Davidson31 you obviously don't know the first thing about Inter. We literally just got new owners who are Chinese and crazy rich. We have serious money we just haven't had it for long. Candreva 25mil, Joao Mario 45m, Gabigol 29.5m and Gagliardini 22m. Its a frustratingly slow ascent for us, but you just wait until next transfer window and then into next season. We will be a force.
Clancy 1 year ago
Arsenal, England U21 0 103
Where's nerazzuriforlife hahahha
Freshka 1 year ago
Arsenal 0 302
somewhere in a cave, mate XD
Dimitri7 1 year ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 653
Where's FanInterMilan now?Where's that idiot who couldn't stop eating shit about Donarrumma's mistake yesterday, and making fun of Milan drawing against Pescara?! Those Inter fans, who're constantly eating shit about Milan, especially in the days when Milan plays a day before Inter, it's as if they're the best example of bad karma! Every time they do that, the next day we see Inter doing something like this! :)))) So, if Donarrumma is overrated solely for that mistake yesterday (the first one in his career, of such caliber), then what should we say today about 110 million priced Icardi, missing clear shots,. only 3-4 meters in front of an open goal?! Bad Karma fellas, bad karma... :) :)
DumboExterminator 1 year ago
Barcelona, Spain 0 16
Excellent game with inter blasting chances and letting the underdogs take three points back home
Emrecan_58 1 year ago
Besiktas 136 3104
Inconsistency at the peak.
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