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Manchester United vs Chelsea
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FunkyCity 23 days ago
Liverpool, Japan 0 72
Despite the wrong decision on the offside, I'd like to give credits to Mourinho. He took out Martial immediately when he was in bad form and changed to back 3 formation with Eric Bailly when the opponents chose 442. In contrast, Conte was too stubborn to exclude Morata who showed bad performance for 90 minutes. I can say Mourinho is still better and more experienced manager than Conte.
MatrixC_10 23 days ago
Manchester United, England 0 51
I can taste the salt in here haha
pervin_2 23 days ago
Chelsea, England 0 20
FA need to rush it and release a VAR asap, it's frustrating to see goals disallowed in matches like this one, poor Morata, this goal would have given him a little more confidence (Its hard to blame a ref here tbh, cause it's a very tough call and let's admit it, ref is not a super fast shutter camera!!!

Congrats to MU!!!
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KANTE_SHOOT 22 days ago
Chelsea, Ireland 0 104
Both sides where average, United fans think they were top class.
JaapStam 22 days ago
Manchester United, Australia 0 114
Ohhh rome lukaku do do do do do do it doesn;t mata do do do do oh.. Jesse Lingaard!
stanley313 22 days ago
Barcelona, United States 0 25
Lingard should get more playing time
Ola90904 22 days ago
Manchester United, England 0 8
We have one of the best attacks in Europe. If Mourinho will allow them play more offensive, they can unlock any defence. We are UNITED!
minhouuu 22 days ago
Arsenal, Netherlands 0 20
too damn funny , best attack in europe ?? :')
Kiand1 19 days ago
Manchester United, Ireland 0 4
Better than Arsenals
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deadman_ 22 days ago
0 1
ManU fans voting top class for their best player --> ref
cityzen37 22 days ago
Manchester City, Malaysia 0 8
It is good to see the comments didnt include about money.. it was annoying to see some people said big club buy football with money.. money is not the key of success..the key of success is the players' efforts on and off the field..
jancukFC 22 days ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 0 5
many elbow is involved in here.. first lukaku on christensen, matic on morata.. the ref did nothing..
eldra1 22 days ago
Liverpool, Uganda 0 7
Wtf lukaku is actually good
Sabiol 23 days ago
Argentina 0 514
lukaku was an insane beast...
Ledley 23 days ago
Celtic, Australia 0 167
Crucial point in the game was when Conte subbed Hazard, knew from his reaction being subbed. On comes Lingaard Jose played him like a guitar 🎸.
Blueman33 23 days ago
SSC Napoli, Poland 0 286
Conte Mistakes : - gary cahill better than christenysen and zappacosta better than vector moses and barkley should play more minutes and giroud also
jancukFC 22 days ago
Chelsea, Indonesia 0 5
gary and giroud maybe is the good point.. i think christensen is less experienced than cahill, and morata still cant hold the ball like giroud did
BlueForever 22 days ago
Chelsea FC, Brazil 0 93
Absolutely NOT. Cahill has no business being in the starting 11.
btw Barkley is injured
KANTE_SHOOT 22 days ago
Chelsea, Ireland 0 104
LMAO @Blueman33 Cahill? no way, I would rather have a slightly inexperienced but good defender on the pitch rather than an experienced shite one like Cahill. Zappa is better at going forward than Moses but Moses is better defensively and that is what keeps him in the team. Finally Morata is playing like ass at the moment so yes, Giroud should of started instead of him.
ghenji 23 days ago
Borussia Dortmund 0 792
mufc11 23 days ago
Manchester United, England 0 55
So sad it's 2-1.
Gennady 23 days ago
Manchester United, Russia 249 2977
Lukaku doesn't score against big teams they say...
KANTE_SHOOT 22 days ago
Chelsea, Ireland 0 104
You can't make that judgement fairly when almost every player that we sold seems to have a tendency to always score against us wether they're good or not, it's a bit of a common trend for us.
FarhanYusoff 21 days ago
Malaysia 0 22
@KANTE_SHOOT He played well too. Not just he scored, he influenced the team very well.
Lambo91 23 days ago
Juventus, Italy 0 1974
Switch Alexis's contract with Lingard and things will make sense.
fifarulzftbl 23 days ago
Manchester United, Germany 0 57
Another below par performance from Sanchez, really should have finished that first chance. Lukaku was great. Smalling was going in way too early into challenges and Lindelof just strolled around the whole game. De Gea made mistakes, which is unbelievable xD

Chelsea were unlucky, the Morata goal could have easily been given on another day. But they did not create enough chances, specially considering United had Smalling and Lindelof. That is basically like having one big pylon and a smaller pylon in defense...
Madhun215 23 days ago
Manchester United, Indonesia 0 245
Mou and his son ...
Dean_Ambrose_Asylum 23 days ago
Manchester United, United States 0 24
& conte with his daddy hahaha
sergiomama 23 days ago
Liverpool 0 174
hold this L h2h conte has better record against mourinho
vschols22 23 days ago
Ajax, USA 0 41
some real bitter Chelsea fans in here haha. Good game overall. Man United deserved it.
kingkapa 23 days ago
Manchester United, USA 0 302
Lingard and pogba's celebration # WAKANDAFOREVER WAS a beautiful moment
_Pelle_ 23 days ago
Paris Saint Germain 32 3701
Chelsea was the better side for like 35 minutes and then Man Utd took slowly over he game.
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