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AC Milan vs Arsenal
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Top Comments
FootyFanatic 16 days ago
Manchester United 0 147
That's another 3 years added to Wenger's contract
joethedrumma 16 days ago
Arsenal, Switzerland 3 817
No offense to Milan fans, but they were pisspoor today... It takes a lot to make this shit Arsenal team look half decent. Gattuso has done well until now but he clearly didn't make his homework for this game. You beat Arsenal by pressuring the defense and midfield. Xhaka and the center backs were super relaxed.
GunnersAFC 16 days ago
Arsenal, England 0 2074
Also where his letter for being sacked should have been
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Dimitri7 13 days ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 636
This was by far the worst match we've played under Gattuso, and there's no room for discussion about it! Fuckin lose against such a poor Arsenal team, only means that we were such pieces of shit on the pitch, it simply cannot be expressed with words! If we played like this against Roma, ,or Lazio, or any of the other teams we've managed to beat in the previous months, instead of 13 unbeaten games, it would've been the other way around!
After many years, this was the first time that all Rossoneri fans, from Japan & China, to USA, were absolutely confident we will crash this Arsenal team, but instead, our players were so unmotivated, so unconcentrated....I mean, some of them looked as if they were in their homes, instead of the pitch!
This one truly hurt a lot! A LOT!
SergioSR4 15 days ago
Real Madrid, Spain 2 78
Arsenal should try sign Messi
LOSTerry 15 days ago
Liverpool, England 0 146
u dont play like that against Arsenal , look how man city beat them, pressure their defense, Milan player look like never pressing Mustafi or Xhaka
rulsalka 15 days ago
Boca Juniors, Thailand U23 0 93
R.I.P milan..
Dimitri7 13 days ago
AC Milan, Macedonia 0 636
FUCK YOU & YOUR FAMILY! Thailand piece of shit, who's favorite team is Boca Juniors?! Fuckin Hell...that speaks more than enough about your football knowledge!
supermok 16 days ago
0 36
and the Arsenal cycle continue...
maikeru 16 days ago
Manchester United, Malaysia 0 5
One step closer to the final. Arsenal gonna win Europa League and be back in Champion League next season. Then Wenger would stay indefinitely, that's what all of us are hoping for. :D
mas_bowo25 16 days ago
Liverpool, Indonesia 0 368
To be honest as a neutral one, Gattuso is a junior in front of Wenger as a coach, but there are plenty time to learn. Cheer up Milan fans, there are still 90' to go. That would be a great game to watch
United_Hates_Blues 16 days ago
Manchester United, England 12 916
Even United fans are happy for Miki and for Wenger ( beating Ac Milan in Europa League is no big deal).
astromachine89 16 days ago
Manchester United 0 7
awww damn Arsenalfantv is going to be boring AF today .......
hazghaz7 16 days ago
Manchester United, Sweden 0 6
so..brighton and hove albion is better than milan. shitty club with shitty league
theemattlane 16 days ago
Arsenal, United States 0 452
Only thing I've always liked about Wenger is hes not afraid to rotate players.
fransiscus21 16 days ago
Arsenal, Indonesia 0 11
This formation reminds me when defeated at Wembley against Spurs.
FrenchKiss 16 days ago
Juventus, Italy 0 387
2 year contract extention for wenger lol
TottSpurs 16 days ago
Tottenham Hotspur, United States 0 170
That feeling when Östersunds and Brighton are better than Milan.
sergiomama 16 days ago
Liverpool 0 174
really poor performance from milan
DZEKOO 16 days ago
Saudi Arabia 0 105
Gattuso has a lot of homework to do. Nice match to watch.
GucciManUnited 16 days ago
Manchester United, Canada 0 13
Players not letting down Wenger they know he is the perfect man to handle this situation.
Pitbull Gattuso still need to learn from the best
Xherdan17 16 days ago
Atletico Madrid, Indonesia 0 103
I think Wenger should start with Wellbeck on the line-up :D
RunkJat 16 days ago
Manchester City 0 64
He just did
theemattlane 16 days ago
Arsenal, United States 0 452
Welbeck reminds me of a player I played with in highschool. Total sht but is decently athletic and runs about relentlessly, I liked playing with him, the effort he brings is inspiring.Only thing tho he completely lacks any type of class which shows against bigger teams. Against teams like Milan its less noticeable.
JaapStam 16 days ago
Manchester United, Australia 0 114
oh the SEA SALT in here !! oh lol.
chelsea1960 16 days ago
Chelsea, Belgium 0 497
massive result for the arsene wenger in fans
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