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Its a shame wenger wasted one of his subs on chamberlain.. from the first minute he came on it looked like he wasn't ready nor awake, fuckn useless. our subs shoulda had a bigger impact, thats for sure
overall, good game, coulda gone either way with both teams being a bit unlucky
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Good, fun game to watch, but there's one thing that's defines Guardiola teams more than the style of play: it's all the little fkn bullshit tips and tricks that he teaches his players, the small nudge after someone passes the ball that stops them from running forward and doing a 1,2 The little crappy tackles that slow down or stop play. As a player when you get this constant bullshit and the ref doesn't do anything about, you feel like you are laying against a 12th man and you feel like you can't go into a challenge without being punished, you can see in the closing stages of the match how frustrated arsenal players were and i hate watching this bullshit every time, it's great football and arsenal were sleeping too often but It doesn't excuse the bullshit