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Paris Saint-Germain
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Well well well ... :) That's what you get for underrating PSG you cocky chelsea fans (i know not every chelsea fan is like this but in this website that the impression I always had). Maybe you'll talk less trash about the other teams now.
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Real has not been defending well recently and PSG's attack will exploit that 100%. And people can say what you want about Ligue1 but Cavani has proven in Ligue1, Serie A and CL that he is one of the best 9 in the world, Mbappe has scored against every big team he has faced in CL (Dortmund, Bayern, City, Juventus), and Neymar, well you get my point. So yes midfield is an advantage for Real (but not by that much either) but the MCN can punish any mistake made by Real's backline. As for BBC vs Paris defence, BBC has been underperforming (specially Benzema) and Paris central defenders are better than real's. Paris real weakness is on the sides and our Goalkeeper. what I'm most afraid of is Bale vs Kurzawa or Yuri (I rather have Yuri though). Anyways exiting game to come.I say advantage PSG