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AC Milan
Skopje, Macedonia
  • Birthday1986-10-03
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  • LocationSkopje, Macedonia
  • Club:AC Milan
  • National Team:Macedonia
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I don't know about Messi vs. Ronaldo sh*t and I never write stuff like that, but I see that Ronaldo gave his best in this match. He gave his soul to score, and he did it good, but maybe his wish is a little bit bigger than it need to be, so it's put some pressure in his shoulders. But I believe he'll pass that situation already in the next game. He'll succeed like always, it's a matter on time.
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I had written before on the last video Germany - Italy that Italians deserved to win and that germans are overrated. Some people attacked me and wrote shitty comments there to me, but I won tonight and confirmed my thesis that germans are not that strong as anybody try to present'em and that they won Italy with so much luck. Good luck and good game Host!!! P.S. Did germans taught that this was Euro2016 by European Handball Federation?