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I wouldn't say that. Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras, Panama, and Trinidad and Tobago all have decent squads. Canada would've been included in that 8-9 years ago, but they've really fallen by the way side.
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Why would Roy Hodgson not start Vardy over Kane? Because Kane had the fourth most league goals of anyone in Europe with 25 while Vardy was fifth with 24. Kane has also been more in form with 14 goals in the second half of the EPL season vs. Vardy's 9. Also, looking over the past two seasons shows us that Vardy had 74 appearances and 29 goals while Kane had 99 appearances with 59 goals, which means the only person with more goals than Kane in all appearances in the EPL is Sergio Aguero with 61 goals in 86 appearances. That's fairly impressive. While I do agree they should both start at the moment, I disagree that Kane should be dropped in favor of Vardy.