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Manchester United
  • Full NameTG
  • Birthday1991-02-24
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  • Club:Manchester United
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  • Bio/AboutI\'ve been a Manchester United fan for 18 years, and my love for the club grows stronger by the minute! To me, there is nothing more thrilling than the roller coaster ride of the Premier League and the drama that accompanies it. I am also a F/R Moderator. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify me or any of the other mods.
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Away goals shouldn't apply when games go to extra time. The extra 30 minutes are only played in the second leg.
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You just need to look at the lineup to realize United no longer care about the PL. Win the Europa League, and this season will be considered more successful than Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and City's seasons combined. If Chelsea played in the UCL this year, Spurs would've been champions. They will be a serious threat next year if they can keep their current crop of players.
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