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North Korea
  • Full NameKim Jong ill
  • Birthday1992-10-18
  • GenderDude
  • LocationNorth Korea
  • Club:Arsenal
  • National Team:North Korea
  • Bio/AboutKim Jong Ill
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the people who say ronaldo is better are either portugal or madrid dick riders or just youtube soccer fans. watch a game of them both and tell me whos actually better. ronaldo gets the ball then dives after like maybe one cool looking dribble. messi gets the ball and runs to the net with it and shoots. ronaldo bitches at his teammates if he doesnt get every cross, messi is a team player, and yeah ronaldo has hit sick free kicks but messi makes a lot more of his free kicks. it just pisses me off that this is actually a debate. i think the only reason ronaldo is in the conversation is because hes flashy.
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God that was a nice jizz I just had beatin off to Giroud's name on the injury list. Arsenal 3 Man City 1 Walcott (2), Oxlade Chamberalin, Tevez.