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I think you are a moron!!!!
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Mu tactic is really a Wrestling, Rojo and Herrera, I mean seriously ask yourself why Herrera was sent off in the previous game? Why did not referee call for a handball? Everybody calls it unintentional, it does not matter, the hand is not in narural position, period, its called a football for a reason!! For men Rojo is even worse than Kosta, he has been very lucky this season for not getting sent off in few previous games, what about the face slap right in front of the referee? The same shit happened in the game with Crystal Palace, when they scored and there was a clear handball right in front of the ref, but unlike others Konte does not cry about it. I wanna this tactic work againts middle table teams, it simply will not work!!! Anyway congrats to Spurs and MU fans!!!