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Real Madrid
2 : 0
* Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund wins on aggregate
3 : 4
  • Game Played on 30th April, 2013
  • Kick Off at 18:45 (GMT)
  • Half Time finished with scoreline 0:0
  • Game ended after Full Time with scoreline 2:0
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  • Real Madrid
  • Goals
  • Benzema (83')
  • Ramos (88')
  • Cards
  • Coentrao (26')
  • Higuain (43')
  • Ramos (79')
  • Khedira (81')
    • Borussia Dortmund
    • Cards
    • Gündogan (43')
    • Bender (45')
    • Weidenfeller (83')
    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Second yellow resulting in red
    • Goal
    • Goal from penalty
    • Missed penalty
    • Own goal
    • Assist
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      Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund
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      Pretty sad that Real Madrid played rugby with Lewandoski..~~~~
      Dortmund is unlucky. Lewandowski and Gundogan chance must be a goal, they could end the game earlier
      Oh the irony: that ramos scored the second goal. Scumbag should have been send off 4 times!
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      [Bayern Munich,Germany]
      one more goal for real and real wone!!!
      [Real Madrid,Ireland]
      If only Mourinho would have played with Essien as RB in the first leg and without that rubbish Pepe. Pepe cost us 2 goals, but Mourinho was at fault for playing him.Mourinho should have started playing most of the games in this formation:D.Lopez/CassiliasEssien-Ramos-Varane-ConetraoOzil-Kaka-Modric-Di MariaBenzema-C.Ronaldo When Higuain plays poor Benzema plays well and vice-versa, so Mourinho should have changed Higuain at half time.Now that he's gonna go, Real Madrid will get a coach that plays more attacking, it's not that Mourinho did not play attacking, this is the first time that he's managed a team and played so attacking, but he still did not play as much attacking as Real M. could. This season Real M played way more defensive than last season.
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      essien was injured that game thats why bro :(
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      if you know better, why arent you madrid's manager?
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      [Real madrid,Portugal]
      Essien didn't do shit as a right back but if that's gonna save us from pepe's mistakes then I'm all for it.
      Those German are bias~Bayern Munich's Nueur , Dortmund's Weidenfeller~! Wasting time on the ball when they conceded goal~!
      [Newcastle United,Brazil]
      Seriously, real madrid did play great attacking football, but the dirty plays by coentrao and ramos really disgusting.. stepping on lewandowski foot, elbowing the back of his head, etc. Did they have to resort to these small dirty actions to win? Are they taking so much money to do these things instead of concentrating on playing well to bring madrid through? I'm relieved that dortmund went through..
      [Manchester United,Malaysia]
      UCL Final or Bundesliga ? ?
      the biggest weakness of madrid is mourinho how he can let players like kaka and benzema in the bench? especially kaka should play from the start! without mourinho next year madrid will play stronger i think! barca must make a huge change especially in "defense" goalkeeper and new REAL strikers to be like madrid in moment they are clearly better than barca! and please barca stop with that slow ass tiki taka style and play more like madrid!
      • +1
      Bullshit suggestion about Kaka.How can Mourinho start a player that has been amazingly average against every big team for the last 3 years except 1 or 2 games?He's been awful against ManUtd and Galatasaray, slowing the game down by a great deal, playing slow and unoffensive passes and showing little to no effort in putting pressure on the opponent??Face it, this isn't the same player anymore from Milan, this isn't even 10 percent of the Ballon D'Or 2007
      [Manchester United,England]
      something very interesting here is the attendance at the stadium, there were about 15,000 unoccupied seats, that says a lot about the team's fans. In the other hand Barcelona had almost a full stadium. Is Madrid full of plastic fans?
      • -1
      If Madridistas are plastic fans, then Manures are emotionally dead.There are no worse supporters than those arrogant ManUtd fans, who have by far the worst choreography of any big team in England paired with boring chants and little to no support when the team is trailing by more than 2 goals.FUCK OFF YOU TWAT
      Michael Jordan
      Kaka best player of Madrid
      [Borussia Dortmund,Germany]
      where is the classicofinal??? where is it???
      • +1
      yeah..only they were lucky to get a goal at dortmund..
      [real & dortmund]
      Great youth team..ozil and khedira club had been beat by their junior..However, this game is awesome.. I love both team ^_^
      [real & dortmund]
      Great youth teamozil and khedira club had been beat by their juniorHowever, this game is awesome I love both team ^_^
      Farca going out with a disgrace against Bayern Munich . 0-5 on aggregate so far. Farcelona = nothing without Penssi
      Barcelona 0 - 1 Bayern Munich
      F-U-C-KING Farca are out. Robben with a beautiful strike. FU-CK YOU FARCA FANBOYS
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      [Barcelona, Belgium]
      U are one to talk, last time arsenal got in semi finals was in 2009
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      Joe Hart
      [Man Shitty, England]
      at least arsenal can score against bayern
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      yeah..still no count..hua3..
      Madrid were really unlucky, but that's life/football. BVB wasted 15 minutes of the game through time wasting.Very poor first leg though by Real. They shot themselves in the foot by conceding 4 goals away.
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